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These are upgraded rear diff brackets for the Polaris Pro R

The factory diff brackets are thin and can't handle the full time stress of stock power and stock tires.  Add a tune, bigger tires and some tough trails and they don't stand a chance.  That's where we come in.

These brackets are built from .125" Grade 50 Structural Steel.  We didn't just mimic the factory brackets with thicker material, we added gusseting for more rigidity and strength as well.  Diff brackets are powder coated black and reuse factory hardware.

We have also added stainless steel shims to each side of the OEM mounting brackets that are welded to the chassis.  When these chassis are built, the welding is causing the brackets to bow.  After comparing several different chassis we have found the brackets to bow more than 1/8" on some chassis so we created a shim kit that should work well with all combinations.  By adding the shims, the brackets aren't being drawn back in when bolting the diff in, they are in a more relaxed position and aren't under any stress which will help with the cracking of the factory welded in brackets.

The first orders will ship towards the end of October.

CT Raceworx Polaris Pro-R Differential Brackets