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Do More with More Suspension
Driving in rough terrain is one thing. Pushing your Defender to its limits in rough terrain is another. Can your stock A-arms keep up? We know our Atlas Pro 1.5” Rear Offset A-Arms can. Their tubing is bigger and better, measuring 1.5” in diameter. They’re also 0.5” larger than stock and 0.25” larger than our standard A-arms. They amplify your clearance, making your rig look big, bad, and powerful. Plus, they come with a 1.5” offset. And if you want to run 31” tires all the way around, you can add our 2” forward offset A-arms.

Atlas Pro Tubes Are Badass
These Atlas Pro A-arms are large and beefy. They’re the biggest A-arms we have ever designed. The enlarged 1.5” diameter tubing will turn heads. And while you’re on the trail, it gives you the strength you need and the reliability you count on. Half an inch bigger than stock may not sound big, but the difference is huge when it comes to A-arms. Plus, we finish them with a UV-resistant powder coating to increase durability and corrosion resistance.

Rear Offset = More Stability
The design of these Can-Am Defender HD10 control arms gives you an additional 1.5" of ground clearance, allowing you to ride over stumps and rocks you’d pass up in the past. And they come with a 1.5” rear offset, adding length to your wheelbase by moving the ball joint 1.5" backward. The offset allows you to run up to 31” tires without adding a lift kit. The trail is at your mercy with larger tires, more ground clearance, and a 1.5” offset.

We're so confident in our A-arms that we're selling them with a lifetime warranty. So ride how you want, knowing we've got your back.

Adjustable Pivot Blocks
Our high-clearance A-arms also come with adjustable pivot blocks, giving you the ability to change your camber. It’s important when adding a lift kit or larger tires that you pay attention to your camber to eliminate premature wear and tear on your tires. To keep the stress off you, we’ve also pre-adjusted your pivot blocks to match your machine's stock specifications, so you don’t have to mess with them if you don’t want to.


$574.00 Regular Price
$516.60Sale Price