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New product!

Air Compressor & Battery Jumper Combo

This two-in-one air compressor and battery jump starter is small but mighty. The air compressor can take a flat tire to 14 psi in under five minutes! In our testing, the battery jumper was able to start a dead battery 10 times on a single charge. Plus it’s about the size of a hardback book, so it takes up minimal space.


Kit Includes:

• Jump starter with air compressor

• USB-C charging cable

• Air hose with self-locking nozzle

• (1) Smart clamps/jumper cable

• (1) Long air valve

• (1) Short air valve

• (1) Pin air valve

• (1) Presta valve

• Carrying case

Message us to secure one!

SuperATV JumpBox/Air Compressor Combo