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Our newest addition to our lineup of turbo heaters!

A reverse mount fan with a laser cut cover with the X3 logo in the center for clean and sleek appearance that doesn't take up any space inside the cab.

Simple Installation! Remove your stock upper bulkhead cover by pulling up and out at the top and drop in ours right in place of yours!

Usable in both the cold and warmer months as the fan can push the hot air in or pull the warm air/dust out at the flip of a switch.

Fan has a variable speed adjustment so its not full blast all the time!

What you receive from us:
- Entire drop-in fan assembly with OEM cover.
- Wiring with waterproof plug for easy installation/removal. Wire harness includes an inline fuse and terminals to be hooked up to your battery!
- All connections are designed to be extremely water resistant!

**Comes with a 1 year warranty from date of purchase.**

**Free Shipping!**

Vander Motorwerks Can-Am Turbo Heater - Reverse Mount, Laser CNC Cut Cover

$299.00 Regular Price
$293.02Sale Price