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Looking to add a little pep to the step of your 120HP X3? Look no further... With the addition of the C&R Racing Intercooler, this is the ultimate upgrade package for your 120HP Models. This not only includes the last intercooler package you will ever need, but this kit easily becomes expandable to every WSRD Performance Package using the DynoJet Power Vision! 

Power Output:

  • Stock 120HP Models: 109 Wheel Horsepower | 120 Crank Horsepower
  • Whalen Tuned 120HP Models: 164 Wheel Horsepower | 173 Crank Horsepower
    • Boost Pressure: 16 PSI - Sport | 13 PSI - Eco
    • This package for the 120HP Model requires an intercooler 
    • Please adjust crack pressure to 8 PSI

Whats Included? (Package Essentials)

  • Whalen's Speed WS180 Tune via DynoJet Power Vision
    • DynoJet Power Vision PV3 included
  • DezertFreak Mounting Arm 
  • Intercooler Options:
    • C&R Intercooler
      • Includes installation hardware 
    • Treal Performance Intercooler
      • Includes 10" Fan and Installation Hardware
  • WSRD 10" Fan & Shroud Assembly 
    • (Option only available with C&R Intercooler)
    • Includes installation hardware
  • RPM Powersports Charge Tube Kit
    • BOV optional
  • WSRD/ID Injector Set
    • Plug-N-Play Adapters Included

Max Effort (ME) Edition: (additional items)

  • WS180ME 91+ Octane Tune Upgrade
  • DynoJet Wideband for AFR datalogging
  • Custom datalog review and revisions for maximum performance