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Axle or bearing removal not required when using this tool, simply remove the hub, then slide this tool in over the axle to grease your bearings

UTV and ATV bearings constantly fail due to water, dirt, sand, and lack of grease

This tool will replenish the grease your bearings need, as well as push out contaminants

Simply insert tool into your bearing and pump grease through Zerk fitting with your grease gun

Double O-Ring seal to keep the grease inside of your bearings, don’t settle for over priced inferior products without o-rings.

O-ring seals also spread the inner bearing races apart to allow a gap for the grease to easily flow inside

Fits all Can Am UTV and ATV 39MM #293350109 wheel bearings

Works with all aftermarket and OEM bearings

CAN-Am 39mm Wheel Bearing Greaser Greasing Service Tool

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