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  • Tuners are in stock and ready to ship
  • If you are looking for an easy to use ECU tuner loaded with the most badass custom tunes on the market, you've found it!  This Dynojet Powervision is a very simple, yet effective device that programs your ECU in a few minutes, and easily allows you to switch between tunes, or return to the factory tune.  The Powervision has the advantage over other ECU tuners as it actually reads what's inside your ECU before tuning.  This ensures the correct tune is being loaded, making it a very safe device.  The AA custom tunes deliver the most possible power gains.  With our expert knowledge of Bosch throttle by wire ECU tuning, we are able to get around factory limiters, make a more responsive machine, and of course create more horsepower and torque.  Our tunes are loaded on the Powervision just for your machine, so all you do is open the box and download them into your ECU.  We recommend clutching with a tune to get the most out of your vehicle.  See below for even more features of our custom tunes.


  • Big horsepower gains! The factory timing map is very detuned on the XP 1000 models, along with a few key areas of mapping that is lacking. 
  • MUCH quicker throttle response and power delivery
  • More throttle in low range on most tune compats (most have 28% throttle, we give you 75%)
  • Throttle by wire limiters disabled
  • AA's wicked timing curve built for the fuel tune you choose
  • A great fuel curve that gives much better low end(as well as all around) power as the factory map is very lean in key areas.
  • Fan on/off temp lowered to 185/180 degrees Fahrenheit
  • More responsive pedal in low and high
  • Seatbelt limiter disabled
  • Speed limiter removed in low and high gears
  • 2 Foot limiters are disabled
  • Rev limit at a safe 9200 RPM (Stock is 8800 RPM)
  • Best peak power when tuned is 8400-8700 RPM at wide open throttle around 55mph
  • See how to install and use the tuner in this VIDEO
  • Very easy to use tuner that can also check and erase most trouble codes
  • Easily data log 25 parameters with 1 push of a button and review on your windows computer later
  • No mess of having to send in your ECU, and a safer way of programming your ECU
  • The Level 1 tune is a huge increase and is developed for the stock exhaust (cat removed is okay)  This is seriously worth every penny!  You are looking at an average 6-9 HP gain on pump gas with the tune, but the down low grunt is absolutely awesome.   
  • The Level 2 tune has all the same benefits as Level 1 but with increased fueling for a slip-on or full exhaust system. Together with a tune and exhaust you can see 11-14 RWHP gains! 
  • Race fuel tune 95+ octane maxes out our timing curve to where we see peak power.  This gives you another 3-4rwhp on average over the pump gas tunes.
  • Wondering why go with our tune(s) over the DynoJet tunes? We go the extra mile to make sure everything is gained, and have a few extra tricks up our sleeve because we test in the real world. Other maps take their time to hit peak timing numbers which really hurts performance. Our map gets you into peak timing quicker, so max power seems more instant. We also have a great fuel curve that is designed to go with our timing curve, and offers better fueling for more power at WOT.  We also do some work with torque limiters as in the dirt we saw throttle closures when spinning the tires. Our map fixes that issue giving you 100% locked power delivery.  We also do the easy things like up the speed limiter to where you will never hit, disable 2 foot limiters, and disable seatbelt limiters.
  • To help better transfer the power gained to the wheels, and to achieve proper peak RPM, we highly recommend our AA Recoil clutch kits! 
  • Due to the time to it takes to custom program these tuners, we will ship within 24-48 hours of purchase.
  • We can disable misfire codes if needed.  We don't suggest this unless you are having problems.

Aftermarket Assassins CUSTOM TUNED POWERVISION FOR XP 1000