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The strongest set of a arms for the Maverick R, bar none.  Paving the way with true innovation, we went all out on the development and design of these arms to address everything that we saw fit and also added a new feature never done before.  We started producing ultra high clearance a arms in 2013 for the original Maverick. Through the last decade of trail riding, racing and winning through the most abusive terrain we've taken nearly everything we've learned and incorporated it into these arms. These are built to conquer everything you can throw at them, especially King of the Hammers.

Features and tech:

-Bringing unmatched strength to the spindle mounting, these feature a patent pending bolt on double shear spindle mount to the stock spindles with 7/8" FK uniballs.

-14mm mounting hardware to the spindle vs the stock 12mm stud on the stock balljoints.

-Clearance has always been the name of the game for CTRW, an industry leading massive 3-3/16" increase of clearance over stock while allowing clearance for larger aftermarket axles.

-O ring sealed a arm bushings using the same ultra durable bushing material we've used for years on the X3, with 17-4 heat treated stainless steel pins and caps for unrestricted movement and resistance through the travel.

-Ramped, double layered front bash face to help slide over obstacles

-Threaded bungs for skid plate mounting

-Rerouted brake lines for protection

-Recessed front sway bar mounting point to protect hardware.

We will be releasing other variations of the Mav R arms in the near future for different riding and budgets.

Lead time is 5-6 weeks