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Rokblokz 2019+ CAN-AM MAVERICK SPORT, SPORT DPS, SPORT X RC, SPORT MAX DPS and SPORT X MR Front and Rear Mud Flaps / Fender Extensions are designed to add more coverage and protection when running the OEM fender flares that are standard on these machines.

The lower portion of the front mud flap is removable for reduced chances of pinching in extreme rock-crawling situations while still providing excellent wheel spray protection. This piece can also be chosen in a different color from the main flap to give a pop of color and a bit of personalization.

RokBlokz Maverick SPORT Mud Flaps / Fender Extensions are CNC laser cut from a proprietary material specifically engineered to endure the harshest environments.

The unique blend of polymers in our fender extensions give them the specific characteristics that make them highly effective at protecting your Maverick SPORT.

Specifically the combination of extreme durability, flexibility, light weight, and rigidity that all come together to allow the flaps to extend out from the fender's edge enough to be effective, to hold their shape at speed, and to block the most damaging kinds of tire spray. RokBlokz mud flaps can bend, flex, give, scrape, and drag without breakage. Our Maverick SPORT Mud Flaps can survive in the harshest environments from the extreme desert heat to extreme mountain cold.



Fits the 2019+ Can-Am Maverick Sport DPS, Sport X RC and Sport Max DPS. REQUIRES OEM BRP Extended Fender which comes on these machines. ROKBLOKZ MUD FLAPS/FENDER EXTENSIONS come in full sets of 4 Flaps/Fender Extensions (for the FRONT & REAR), stainless steel and rust resistant mounting hardware, and mounting instructions. *Requires some drilling for mounting points.

**If your machine does not already have the OEM fender flares, you probably have the Maverick Trail model and this set will not fit.

RokBlokz mud flaps come in BLACK with Removable Lower Accents available in BLACK, LIME GREEN, RED, DEEP BLUE, BRIGHT BLUE (matches X RC model), PURPLE, WHITE, GREY, BUBBLE GUM PINK or ORANGE.

*Our RED is more of a "COKE RED" and doesn't match CAN-AM'S RED at all. In fact it clashes pretty bad. Looks great on the TRIPLE BLACK machines though. Our ORANGE is very orange and also doesn't match the Can-Am colors.  The DEEP BLUE is like a "PEPSI" Blue. 


QTY of 1 is for a kit not a single flap.

FREE SHIPPING in the continental U.S. (lower 48 only)

CAN-AM MAVERICK Sport, DPS, X RC, Max DPS 2019+ Mud Flaps (Not Trail)

    • Large Front and Rear Mud Flap/Fender Extension design provides driver and passengers with excellent protection from wheel spray off the front and rear wheels without taking away from the aggressive styling of your Maverick Sport. 
    • Rear flaps extend past the bed to offer more coverage and keep mud from being flung into the machine from the rear tires.
    • Fits the 2019+ Can-Am Maverick SPORT with BRP OEM FENDER FLARES, including SPORT, SPORT DPS, SPORT X RC, SPORT MAX DPS.
    • *Does NOT fit the Maverick Trail model.
    • Lower portion of Front Flap is removable to allow more versatility in riding.
    • Lower flap portion is available in multiple colors to add a pop of color. (The main portion of the flaps are only available in black.) 
    • Light weight and extremely durable, designed to survive the harshest environments from the extreme heat to the extreme cold.
    • Won't crack or warp from temperature extremes.
    • Stainless Steel and rust resistant mounting hardware and detailed installation instructions included.