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The WS180ME Package was developed to be the best stock turbo premium pump gas (91+ Octane) combination available. Startup, drive-ability, and power delivery is carefully calibrated to give the best experience possible while enjoying your machine. With proper clutching you can expect 185 wheel horsepower | ~215 Crank Horse Power. The standard WS180 package is designed to be safe for an essentially stock machine as well some standard modification. Exhaust, intercooler upgrades, intercooler tube/pipe, and intake kits are acceptable.

***Max Effort takes the experience and performance to perfection. We work with each client to dial the machine in for maximum boost for the modifications and the fuel being used. This adds another level of performance for the guys who want to spend the time to get it dialed in for their exact machine. Each machine has slightly different fuel pressure, injector flow, conditions and fuel. We add a Dynojet Wideband into the system that datalogs along with all the other important ecu information that is sent to us via email. Revisions will be sent back and forth until the tune for your machine is perfected. ***

We also lower radiator fan temperature activation as well as intercooler fan activation (intercooler fan override switch is recommended for aggressive driving). Speed limits are removed, throttle feel is improved, rough road detection removed, rev limiter is increase for much higher top end speed.

Boost is increased to 19 PSI. If requested eco mode can be left stock or we can make it switchable boost. Default is switchable boost. When the eco mode button is pushed, boost pressure will be lowered to 15 PSI. The throttle will feel the same as sport mode. If you want a different feel with Eco please contact us for more details. 

Power Output:

  • 2018+ 120HP Models | Stock; 109 Wheel Horsepower | 120 Crank Horsepower
  • 2017 154HP Models | Stock; 132 Wheel Horsepower | 154 Crank Horsepower
  • 2018+ 172HP Models | Stock; 153 Wheel Horsepower | 172 Crank Horsepower
  • WSRD WS180 Tune; 185.56 Wheel Horsepower | 215 Crank Horsepower
    • Power output reflects the power produced by the Max Effort Package
    • Boost Pressure: 18.5-19 PSI - Sport | 15 PSI - Eco
    • Please adjust crack pressure to between 9 and 10 PSI

Package Contents:

  • WSRD WS180 91+ Octane Tune
  • DynoJet Power Vision - PV3
  • ID 1050X Injector Set + PNP Adapters

Max Effort (ME) Edition: (additional items)

  • WS180ME 91+ Octane Tune Upgrade
  • DynoJet Wideband for AFR datalogging
  • Custom datalog review and revisions for maximum performance

Clutching Options: 

  • IBEXX Clutch Kit

Additional Package Options:

  • DezertFreak PV3 Mounting Arm
  • WSRD CatchCan Kit
  • Empire Industries Downpipe + Added O2 Bung
  • C&R Racing Intercooler
  • WSRD 10" Fan & Shroud Assembly

PLEASE NOTE: The WS180-WS240X Kits can use the 2017 Turbo R/120HP turbo Model fuel pump assemblies. The WS205 and higher packages will require our high volume fuel pump to maintain proper fuel pressure and flow to the injectors. It is not required to purchase a 2018 fuel pump housing for these kits. Just please note which model/housing you have when purchasing.