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We build several different lines of radius rods for the X3 to cover all different types of riding and needs.  

These are our chromo radius rods.  Built from 1.25" .120 4130 chromoly and then tig welded to perfection these rods offer everything you could ask for out of a set of straight radius rods.  These are perfect for guys in the dunes, desert riders, short course racers, guys trying to win big air competitions and anything else you want to throw at them.  We use RH and LH joints on the upper and middle radius rods so that they can be adjusted on the car without having to remove anything.  The lower radius rods have the RH thread on both sides so they arent adjustable on the car.  When jumping or bottoming out the car the lower radius rods see a pull force, on a RH and LH thread setup that can stretch the threads over time, loosen the jam nuts and the joints start to back out of the rod.  With RH on both sides that no longer a worry.

303 Stainless is the material of choice for the misalignment spacers.  We machine these in house to provide a tight tolerance and great fit that won't create problems down the road.

What sets apart from the norm in the industry are the joints that we use, we use the absolute highest quality joint on the market.  The JMX series of joints from FK is something that we've had a tremendous amount of sucess with over the years.  These joints use a fabric based teflon liner known as a PTFE liner. The inner joint housing is compressed to create a preload on the ball that will stay tight roughly 3 times longer than a standard injected teflon rod end, which is standard in the industry.  We do offer boots for these joints at an addition price of $6.50 per joint, this increases the life of the joint even more by keeping the debris out of the joint.  Don't be fooled by cheap imitations using inferior joints.  You may pay less at up front but over the course of a year after those cheap joints wear out you're going to have more time and money invested than doing it right the first time.  

This parts are race tested and approved on Kyle Chaney's Championship winning 2017 X3.  These rods have a structral lifetime warranty, failures due to direct impacts will not be warrantied, and can be powder coated any color of your choosing.

CT RACEWORX X3 64" Chromoly Race Series Radius Rod Kit