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Introducing Ibexx’s stage 3 clutch kit, this is the THIRD level to upgrade your clutching. This kit has the addition of an upgrade on your secondary with a new helix and secondary spring.  The kit contains: Specially designed green profile weights, Secondary Spring, Helix, Magnets and bushings. The same complements as the Stage 2 kit, but the flyweights on the stage 3 include an additional heel position for more belt engagement and grip from a stopped position. 
NOTE: Stage 3 kit is designed for customers running 33” tires or larger. Those running higher than 250hp, or those that are looking for low speed engagement.
Customers Rock Crawling or Mud Bogging, with tires smaller than 33” tires, this kit will help you achieve the lower clutch engagement you are looking for.

IBEXX STAGE 3 / Crawler 226

$799.00 Regular Price
$751.06Sale Price