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This is a part that we take a lot of pride in.  We've spent hundreds of hours
designing, revising, test fitting, building and testing since the end of 2013. 
After being KOH approved we tweaked some areas to add strength but to also reduce weight.  What we ended up with is the ultimate high clearance a arm. 
These arms offer more protection and strength than anything on the market. 
Construction begins with American made steel that is laser cut and CNC
bent for perfection every time.  We JIG and weld every area of the arm for a
beautiful and strong weld with a precision fit.
With Can Am offering an extremely strong ball joint we opted to keep the balljoint and work with them. 
The balljoint presses into the arm just like stock and is retained with a snap
ring.  We "arched" these arms as much as possible but we didn't want to leave
the axle shaft exposed like all the tubular arms on the market.  The trough is
cut in to the arm and the axle recesses into the arm throughout the travel
keeping it completely protected.

There is no other arm that can compete with the strength and clearance for both racing and playing in the rocks.

If you have our front gusset kit, the lower rear piece that goes
under the driveshaft will have to be modified or removed for clearance of the
arm under full compression.  Grease fitting clearance at full compression will also have to be checked and possibly trimmed

This is a fabrication part, please call for availability - expect a 1-2 week lead time for powder coating.

Maverick High Clearance Front Lower A Arms

SKU: CT-MAV-2000