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The Ultimate Soundscape
Your Can-Am X3 is the hottest thing on four wheels, right? Not until you add some killer tunes. With the MTX Can-Am Maverick X3 Sound System, you get punchy audio that will rattle windows with clear sound and heavy bass. Kick-panel speaker pods with integrated RGB lighting sync to your music for an in-cab light show. We have three and eight-speaker sound systems so you can get volume you want. If you want every ride to be a party, an MTX sound system strapped to your UTV will do the trick.

Built for All-Weather Riding
What’s the difference between this sound system and others? These speakers and components are made for real riding action. Water, dust, and mud won’t short the watertight connections or penetrate the speakers' all-weather cases.

Eight-Speaker System
Is that an earthquake, or did you just roll in with your new eight-speaker sound system? Seriously—dual 12” subwoofers, two 6.5” kick-panel speaker pods, two 4” dash speaker pods, and two 6.5” cage-mounted rear speakers will make you a rolling concert venue. Blast your favorite songs with the loudest, toughest, and most powerful sound system you can get custom fit on your Can-Am X3.

Eight-Speaker Sound System Includes:
400-watt RMS 4-channel amplifier (MUD100-4)
600-watt mono block amplifier (MUD600-1)
All-weather media controller with 3” full-color screen (AWMC3)
Dash kit for AWMC3 (X3-17-DK)
Driver’s-side subwoofer and enclosure (X3-17-SW-D)
Passenger-side subwoofer and enclosure (X3-17-SW-P)
Plug-and-play connections
Two front kick-panel speaker pods with RGB (X3-17-FS-L)
Two dash speaker pods (X3-17-FS-U)
Two rear cage-mounted speakers with RGB (MUD65PL)