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Nuetech Tubliss-Core Traction Control Generation 2 18" Kit

  • Converts your standard rim and tires to TUbliss
  • Eliminates the antiquated inner tubes from your existing wheels. Also acts as a full circumference rim lock allowing you to ride with ZERO pressure in the main tire if necessary, or very low psi for superior traction without the risk of getting a pinch flat (the most common of offroad flats)
  • WEIGHT SAVINGS: The TUbliss system is even lighter than most thin stock tubes and several pounds lighter than most HD tubes. Reducing the weight in your wheels, especially the outer periphery, is on of the most beneficial places to lose weight, Experts agree that losing 1 pound of rotating unsprung weight (your wheels) is the equivalent of losing 5-6 pounds of sprung weight elsewhere on the bike
  • NO MORE PINCH FLATS: Because the conventional tube is eliminated there is no chance of a pinch flat, the most common tube failure, When this system is used with a tire sealant it is virtually FLAT PROOF! Because the TUbliss inner liner holds the tire firmly against the rim for full circumference you canrun it at very low psi's or even completely flat and still ride with confidence
  • INCREASED TRACTION: Because the TUbliss system holds the tire bead firmly against the rim, it allows you to run lower psi's without the typical sidewall wallowing at lower psi's, which means you get better traction and handling. It also runs cooler than a tube by eliminating the friction of a tube in a tire, which means you get more consistent handling throughout a moto.
  • PROTECTS YOUR RIMS The TUbliss inner liner holds the tire firmly against the rim of the sidewall and is forced to stay upright and absorb impacts instead of laying over and transferring the impact directly to the rim causing dents and damage. Tests have shown it to take 3 times the impact of a conventional tube set up without damage
  • EASIER TIRE CHANGES: Once the TUbliss is installed on the rim, it stays on the rim. This allows you to use a completely different and easier tire changing method

Nuetech Tubliss Gen 2