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  • AA's custom cut helix for the 2016-Up RZR XP Turbo, RS1 & Turbo S
  • Purchase this if you already have our clutch kit, or if you have another brand clutch kit.  Keep in mind clutch weight adjustments will be made depending on helix choice.  It is best to use only our helixes with our clutch kit and proper setup guideline for that helix.  
  • 2016 models will require upgrading to the 2017 helix buttons (Purchase these HERE)
  • Our performance custom cut helix which will give you better power to the wheels on 2017-Up models because of the steeper angle.  On 2016 models you will see quicker RPM climb into peak power, and better belt life.  All models will see a more consistent RPM sweep.  Factory helixes start off steep, then go shallower on the top end.  For turbo machines, this is completely backwards. We run a straight angle as changing the load on a heavy machine in the middle of a shift can cause some issues.  Basically, 2016 helixes were too steep and therefor had belt issues, 2017+ helixes went MUCH shallower and the performance to the wheels suffers.  We found just the right angle to make everything happy with great belt life and great performance.
  • This will come with our S3 clutch setup instructions.  If using another brand clutch kit, drop roughly 3 grams of primary clutch weight on a 2017-Up model, and add roughly 3 grams on a 2016 model.
  • 1031 Performance Helix Use: Turbo S 72" wide with 30-33" tires or paddles, RS1 with 28"-32" Tires, 2016 RZR Turbo 29-32" Tires
  • 1024 Performance Helix Use: 2 Seat 2017-19 64" Wide XPT 28-32" Tires, 4 seat 2017-19 64" Wide XPT 29-30" Tires
  • 1021 High Load Helix Use: 2 Seat 2017-19 64" Wide XPT 33-35" Tires, 4 seat 2017-19 64" Wide XPT 31-35" Tires, Turbo S 72" wide with 34-35" tires or paddles, RS1 with 33-35" Tires, 2016 RZR Turbo 33-35" Tires.  Keep in mind if running any of these size tires and gear reduction, this helix might not be the best choice with the gearing.