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The Ninebot Gokart PRO achieves new levels of performance and refinement by being tested with a professional Gokart racer, fine-tuning areas such as steering and durability to achieve maximum performance. Customized high-end brushless motor without a Hall sensor uses a pure copper coil and features small internal resistance, reduced heat, and electricity loss, thus improving cruising capacity of kickscooter. Cutting-edge TPE rear tires bring users the most exciting drifting experience ever while the controllable rear-end and high-speed cornering make it easy to show off drifting techniques like a professional racer.


4 x 8W high-powered speakers emulate single-cylinder, two-cylinder, V8 or V12 engine sounds to create a more immersive experience


Speaker can be used as a normal Bluetooth speaker to play the rider's choice of music


High-strength steel frame that reduces chassis flex during high-performance driving


Automatic holding system can prevent slipping while parked on a slope


Dual-channel transmission systems consisting of wire and Bluetooth transmission will guarantee stable communication


Collapsible design fits into most vehicle trunks allowing you to take it wherever you want to go
1.02 Gs during acceleration
20,000+ mile professional race track tested
432 Wh capacity air-cooled battery pack.
Dimensions: 55.9" x 33.5" x 23.6" (1420mm x 852mm x 600mm)
Max Rider Weight :220 lbs (100 kg)
Net Weight: 112.9 lbs (51.2 kg)
Height Requirement: 51.2-74.8" (130-190cm)
Recommended Age: 14+
Max Speed: 23 mph (37 km/h)
Reverse Max Speed: 1.9 mph (3 km/h)
Range: 15.5 mi (25 km)
Steering Ratio: 2.1:1
Ground Clearance: 1.8" (45mm)
Max Slope: 15°
IP Rating: IPX4
Speed Modes: ECO (5 mph), STRADA (11 mph), SPORT (17.4 mph), CORSA (23 mph)
Nominal Voltage: 55.5V DC
Max Voltage: 59.5V DC
Nominal Energy: 432 Wh
Battery Management System: Over-voltage, under-voltage, short circuit, overheating protection, auto sleep, auto wake
Nominal Power: 500W x 2
Max Power: 2400W x 2
Braking Method: Electronic and mechanical handbrake
Braking Distance: 6m
Front Tire Width: 3" (80mm)
Rear Tire Width: 2.7" (68 mm)
Headlight: Laser green LED light bar (0.2W)
Status Indicator: Blue (Normal), Yellow (Battery Replacement), Red (Performance Failure)
Taillight: Full-color RGB tail/brake light.

Segway Ninebot Gokart PRO