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Upper Hard Doors

Were you and your buddies planning on taking your Talon out for a weekend ride, but the forecast is now calling for rain? Add SuperATV’s Honda Talon 1000X Cab Enclosure Doors to your side-by-side. These doors not only defend your machine from the weather but trail debris too. We finish these doors with our powder coated steel frame and a pair of side-view mirrors. They mount easily to your OE half doors, and you can remove them just as easily on those nice, summer days.

Secure Seal Technology

These Honda Talon Cab doors are great for your protection and they increase the comfort of your cab. With our Secure Seal Technology, these doors fit flush to your machine. Our bulb seal secures them tightly to the frame, keeping unwanted airflow out of your cab. That tight fit also leaves you with the rattle-free ride that we all love. Plus, you can open both doors easily with our hinge flap. It’s big enough that you can stick your hand through and pull your door lever from the outside.

1/4” Polycarbonate for the Best Protection

You never know what you’re going to be up against once you’re on the trails. To prepare you for the roughest rides, we make these doors from ultra-strong polycarbonate. They’re 1/4” thick and 250 times stronger than glass, so they’ll keep the elements from getting into your cab. Plus, their lightly tinted and abrasion resistant.

Part of a Full Cab Enclosure

With the top half of your doors closed in, you’re on your way to making a full cab enclosure for your Talon. Add a roof, windshields, and lower door inserts to make sure your cab is ready for any kind of weather.