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Adventure Ready
You ride a Can-Am Defender because you love adventure. You live for every rock, rut, and mud hole that you can conquer. With SuperATV’s Winch Ready Front Bumper installed on your Defender, you can conquer more. With room for a winch or light bar, dual D-ring shackles, and cutouts for recessed cube lights, it’ll keep your UTV in one piece and drag your buddies to safety ride after ride.

Strength You Can See
With 1/8" heavy-duty steel plating, this front bumper is as strong as it is stylish. Cruising down rough trails through tight foliage has never been safer. It’s tall enough and wide enough to provide you protection from any angle. The UV-resistant wrinkle black finish gives it that final layer of protection so it won’t scratch and corrode easily.

The Ultimate Utility Belt
When you’re out on a job, you need to be ready to handle anything and everything. We designed this bumper so that you can install our 3500 lb. Black Ops Winch easily. The tandem tow hooks make it easy to pull other vehicles out of sticky situations—or get pulled out yourself. Swap that winch for a light bar or install 3” LED cube lights in the recessed cutouts. It’s built for anything so you can ride over everything.

SUPERATV Can-Am Defender Front Bumper

$399.95 Regular Price
$379.95Sale Price

    • Smooth sheet metal
    • 3mm (1/8") thick steel plating
    • Equipped with front shackles
    • Fully compatible with our Plow Pro Snow Plow
    • Precut holes for recessed 3" LED cube lights
    • Pre-fit for our 3500 lb. Black Ops Winch
    • Includes brackets to mount our 6” LED light bar or 12” light bar
    • Winch mounting bolt pattern:
      • 3.0" x 4.87" (76 x 124mm)