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Fender Flares Keep You Clean
If there’s one thing your X3 is really good at, it’s kicking up massive rooster tails. But if you want to keep all that dirt out of your cab and off your machine, you need our Can-Am Maverick X3 Fender Flares. Our robust fender flares protect you and your machine and look good while doing it.

Keep the Trail Down
Tossing rocks and mud all over your machine is a pain, especially when you have mud landing in your lap and those flying rocks damage the body of your machine. Lucky for you, these extended fender flares give you 5” more protection than stock—more than enough to deflect all the crud your tires kick up.

Made to Last and Lookin' Good
Every part of your machine has to be built for battle. That’s why these Can-Am X3 fender flares are built with 1/8” thick HDPE. They can take constant beatings from rocks and debris without breaking a sweat. Plus, we designed them to follow the curves of your X3, so they look like they’ve always been part of your machine.


$415.00 Regular Price
$373.50Sale Price