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  • Tuners are in stock and ready to ship
  • If you are looking for the most badass custom tunes that are easily loaded to your RZR from the Dynojet Powervision, you've found them!  AA's performance tunes are offered loaded directly on the Powervision ECU tuner.  This versatile tuner allows our tunes to easily be uploaded to your factory ECU, switch between tunes, and even return to stock.  The Powervision is also a great gauge showing boost, timing and more. You can leave the Powervision hooked up for gauges, or completely remove it after flashing your ECU. The Powervision also has excellent data logging capabilities if you download the software, and use your laptop.  You can even view trouble codes and erase them on the fly.  We are highly experienced in tuning these RZR's and that will show. Our tunes are simply set up correctly, and everyone with a Powervision should have these tunes! They are also easily labeled and will show rough horsepower claims with supporting mods such as exhaust and clutching. These tunes modify all the necessary maps to create big horsepower, while still maintaining a reliable and safe RZR.  Each tune is built specifically for your Powervision allowing us to change the fan temp or other parameters if needed. 
  • Works with all 2020 RZR XP Pro Turbo models including Dynamix models.  The Pro XP Turbo is an animal waiting to be unleashed.  This models uses a factory upgraded turbo able to create more boost at lower temps quite like our turbo mod for the earlier version RZR Turbo.  This allows us to push the limits further with just a tune.  Several improvements including stronger head bolts allow the motor to handle the extra boost.  
  • Big horsepower gains depending on the level of tune desired
  • Quicker throttle response and power delivery
  • Throttle by wire limiters disabled
  • Fan on/off at 185 degrees Fahrenheit (190 is stock).  The fan also ramps up in power quicker to keep you running cool.
  • Optional start in any gear! Does not need to be in park to start. Will start without brake, but may throw a code.  Press brake to start until we figure this issue out.  Keep in mind this is removing a safety feature. 
  • Seat belt limiter disabled
  • Speed limiter removed in low and high gears
  • More throttle % and boost in low gear and reverse
  • Rev limit at a safe 9300rpm
  • No mess of having to send in your ECU & this device is a much safer way of programming.  Simply plug in to your Diagnostic port, click tune, wait, and go ride! 
  • Very easy to use tuner that can also check and erase most trouble codes
  • Easily data log 32 parameters with 1 push of a button and review on your windows computer later


    • Why our tunes over the dynojet tunes? This really depends on our tune level.  The great thing with our tunes is they are easily labeled, list boost numbers, and rough horsepower gains. They have been proven to make and hold power longer than the dynojet tunes.  Not only this, but we test with clutching, exhaust, and other parts to ensure our tunes work well with all factors.  Dynojet actually requests a ton of boost in their tunes, and the dyno backed up our statement that more is not always better. You can see power climb quickly and make good number, but then fade very quickly.  This is due to too much boost request and the turbo not being able to hit that number, or handle it.  Our safer tunes will hold power longer, and be much easier on your motor & turbo.  When your RZR detunes or starts blowing too much hot air because boost is too high for the modifications or fuel, it can become slower than stock!  Since we have so much time on RZR's, we know the limits and can push the limiters further giving you higher speed limits, and many other things hidden in our maps. Everything is taken care of for you, ensuring you have the best tune(s) out there... that should be worth every penny!
    • If you have any other needs in these tunes, or any concerns; please e-mail!
    • Oh... and get ready for your RZR to flat out rip!