Our all new power control module makes wiring and installation a breeze.  Save hours of splicing wires and wiring switches with our plug and play system.  Hook to your battery, ground & ignition power source then mount your controller were you like and plug it into the harness.  Once that is done you only need to hook 1 of the 6 power lines to your accessory.  This system will work in any vehicle including UTV's, Jeeps & Trucks.  


6 Push buttons in a small compact panel w/ mounting bracket.  




  • 12 Volt
  • 6 LED Rocker Switches
  • Relay & fuse box
  • 600 watts Max
    • Relay Rating
      • (6 x 40amp
    • Fuse Rating
      • 1 x 30amp
      • 1 x 20amp
      • 4 x 15amp
  • Thermal protection disconnects box @ 215 F

INFINITE OFFROAD Accessory Power Control Module (6 Button Panel)

  • 25 yr you break it we replace it warranty