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Our stealth winch bulkhead created a simple way to add a winch to the front of your X3 while not effecting the approach angle.

The winch bulkhead holds most ATV/UTV winches up to 5k pounds with a 3x6.66 bolt pattern, specifically the Viper Elite Widespool, Viper Max Widespool, Warn and Superwinch. Others will most likely work, but have not been test fitted. **It does NOT fit the Warn Axon or Super ATV Black Ops 5000 models!

The bulkhead also ties in directly with our gusset kit and eliminates the front plate on our gusset kit. Add a gusset kit with our bulkhead and you will dramatically strengthen the front of your machine.

This is the V2 version

CT RACEWORX Maverick X3 Stealth Winch Bulkhead