Can-Am X3 Firewall Liners

P/N: EMP®-14144

  • Thermo-formed Construction.
  • Made from .300" (over 1/4") thick (starting thickness after forming/stretching it will be less in some areas) HMWPE.
  • Attaches with hardware provided.
  • Sold as a set (Drivers and Passengers sides)
  • Ships Fed Ex or UPS to your door.
  • Made In Cleveland Ohio.

Thermo-formed from .300" thick HMWPE making these very tough. They mount using the stock holes and a few more that need to be drilled. Sold as a set for both the drivers and passengers sides.




Warning/Caution: These are great for covering up holes in your stock and are an added layer of protection. These will not stock all stick and debris from entering the driver's and passenger's areas. Large sticks,logs and debris can break through the firewalls causing serious injury or death. Although, these are tough and an added layer of protection they will not stop this from happening.

EMP Can-Am Maverick X3 Firewall Liners