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  • The Pro Armor Crawler XG Radial is a tire made for the UTV that lives in hard, rocky terrain where traction and durability are key. The XG stands out because of its tough, puncture resistant 8-ply carcass that forms the foundation for an aggressive dual-compound tread pattern.

    This tread pattern itself consists of .78 inch deep heavy lugs that pair wonderfully with the equally aggressive sidewall tread. Put these features together using a belted radial construction and the Pro Armor Crawler XG Radial ATV Tire becomes a standout performer on hard terrain.

  • Best on slick rocks and hard, rocky terrain
  • Dual-compound rubber blends grip with extended wear life
  • Maximum traction from softer rubber compound zone
  • Radial construction with Armor Belt technology
  • Highly puncture resistant
  • 8-ply rated carcass
  • .78 inch tread depth
  • Aggressive sidewall tread improves handling and traction in ruts


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