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If have lost your remote and need a replacement we will provide for one penny!  Just pay for shipping!  


Current RF remote for BT Controller - Works with Bluetooth controller that use app LED BLE only.  This remote is non line of sight. 


Older IR Remote for BT Controller - Works with Bluetooth controllers that use app BLEDIM only.  This remote is line of sight.


Older Rock Light Fob & 24 button remote controller (Non Bluetooth) remotes below.

4 Button Fob Remote - Works only with the older Fob & 24 button remote controller

24 Button Remote (Black Credit Card Sized Flat Remote) - Works only with the older Fob & 24 button remote controller.  This is the thin black remote the size of a credit card.


Replacement Remotes

$5.00 Regular Price
$0.01Sale Price