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  • 120hp X3 BOV Blow Off Valve Kit
  • The 120hp Turbo X3's require a specific style of BOV kit for them. Being they have no intercooler we use and modify the stock charge tube to accept our RPM Powersports BOV kit! Detailed instructions are included and this is a very easy install! The greatly improves throttle response while prolonging turbo life! This BOV Provides the same great sound as our 18-20 X3 intercooled kits do. If you haven't heard those check RPM Powersports out on YouTube for sounds clips! 


  • Manifold Port for Vacuum/Boost Reference
  • Silicone Reference port line ( 24" )
  • Simple Bolt In Modification 
  • Stainless Steel HD Clamps 


  • Fitment:
  • All 120hp Non Intercooled X3 Turbo models! 

RPM Can Am X3 Blow Off Valve ( BOV ) Kit 120hp