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RPM SxS Muffler Delete
The RPM SxS Muffler Delete pipe for the Can-Am X3's is a straight pipe with no core or baffle that turns your machine into a mean sounding rig! This pipe utilities all stock hardware, springs, muffler tip, and rear fascia.  It is built from stainless and meticulously tig welded to provide 3HP and 3FTLB's of TQ on a STOCK MACHINE! Weighing only 4.5 lb's this exhaust means business and is built to be LOUD ringing in at 115 DB's at 4k RPM's. This is roughly a 20 DB increase over stock and is not for the who want to stay quit! 
Direct easy fit
Utilizes stock hardware and tip
Retains OEM rear fascia
3HP and 3 FTLB's of TQ power gain
LOUD & PROUD 115DB sound at 4k RPM
Weighs 4.5lbs

RPM Muffler Delete Race Pipe