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RPM SxS Polaris RZR Pro R Oil Catch Can


The RPM SxS Catch Can is all aluminum and fully chambered oil catch can built to provide the absolute best performance! Designed to mount directly to the bed and use the factory crankcase breather to allow for a simple and quick install! A pre filter is included to keep dust and debris free from the crankcase breather filter as well. The use of our 8-AN fitting makes installation clean and allows for easy removal for maintenance later on. Our o-ring sealed drain valve makes emptying the catch can easy and leak free during operation. This kit includes a silicone hose to replace the problematic factory crankcase hose along with all hardware needed for installation.

It's no secret that these engines create an abundance of oil/gas/condensation waste. Due to emissions laws & such, this waste has to be recycled back through the engine & “burned off”. This oily mess is the “messy film” you find caked to your intake tube. Not only can these gasses and liquids create tuning headaches by skewing the air fuel ratio, they can also increase the chances of detonation ( oil & condensation do not combust well). The RPM SxS Catch Can’s job is to collect this oily mess so that it can be manually drained later on. All necessary hardware to cap off your factory breather & completely install the catch can are included! 


Fits ALL models, years, RZR Pro R's ( 4 cylinder)





  • Anodized Finish
  • Washable Filter
  • Includes Pre Filter
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Dual Interior Baffles
  • Drip Free Tool-Less Drain Valve 
  • Includes RPM Silicone Crank Case Hose
  • Aluminum Tig Welded Construction
  • Easy & Straight Forward Installation & Instructions
  • Includes Cap For OEM Hose’s Location To Be Blocked Off on Intake Tube

RPM SxS Dual Baffle Polaris Pro R (4 Cyl) Oil Catch Can