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Polaris RZR 2 Seat 1000XP "Level Up" Tender Swap Kit (2014+)

2017 -2021 1000XP 2 SEATER 1000xp , Ride command, and Rock and Trails Edition



The 1000 XP "Level up" kit. 

Made in America with our custom rate springs!  

Specifically designed to fix the 2017-2019 Polaris 1000XP 2 seaters that is fitted from factory with the front single spring (progressive rate). By doing this spring upgrade you convert the front springs to a true dual rate on both front and rear.  Also if you have previously purchased our tender spring upgrade for your 1000xp, we have a pro-rated price just for you to complete your kit! 

What you gain from this kit:

  • 2"- 3" of ride height
  • 80% overall improved ride quality


Whats included:

  • Full kit - 2 Front lower custom rate springs, 4 custom rate tender springs & 2 spacers (divider/slide collars) to accommodate the new front springs, instructions.
  • Front only kit -  2 Front lower custom rate springs, 2 custom rate tender springs & 2 spacers divider/slide collars to accommodate the new front springs, instructions.
  • Rear only kit - 2 custom rate tender springs, instructions. 
  • Free Powder Coat upgrade in your choice of 7 available colors

RZR AID Polaris RZR 2 Seat 1000XP "Level Up" Tender Swap Kit 18'-19'