Go from 64” to 72”
Get killer suspension width that lets you corner better, crawl better, and ride better with a SuperATV 4” Long Travel Kit for your Can-Am X3. You get 4 inches of suspension width on both sides of your machine converting your 64” wide machine to a 72” wide desert chomping, dune killing, rock crawling monster. Drive flat-out with more stability, more suspension travel, and bigger tires—up to 32 inches! You’ll feel the difference on every obstacle.

Made of High-Strength Steel and Billet Aluminum
This kit comes complete with high-strength boxed A-arms, heavy-duty steel trailing arms, and billet aluminum hex radius arms.

Our boxed A-arms are made with a high-strength steel alloy that’s 13% stronger than chromoly steel. Combine that with robust internal gussets, adjustable chromoly pivot blocks, chromoly ball joint houisings, and seams TIG-welded by hand, and these are arms built to last from top to bottom. We ship them preadjusted to give you perfect 72" camber.

The trailing arms are made with the same 1/8” heavy-duty steel plating and internal gussets we use on the A-arms. They feature a high-clearance design that gives your shock and sway bar mounts extra strength. We even preadjust the sway bar links for perfect performance.

Our billet aluminum hex radius arms are 1.25 inches in diameter, super-strong, and preadjusted to match factory 72" specs.

Plus, all three parts are backed by a lifetime warranty!

Buy Ball Joints and We’ll Install Them
Want more time on the trails and less time in the garage? Purchase a set of SuperATV Heavy-Duty or Super-Duty Ball Joints and we will install them for you. You save money and time. No need to buy a press, or remove your old ball joints, and press them back in. We'll do all the work for free!

The best part? This saves you considerable time and money, and you get an awesome set of ball joints.

Comes with Rhino 2.0 Axles